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A lot of people can’t afford to have a very expensive type of roofing. They are satisfied having a roof that is flat type. This kind of roofing usually absorbs too much heat from the sun and the tendency is to trap the heat coming from the sun going inside of the house. This is the biggest problem of most of the homeowners in Asia. There could be so many solutions to this trouble that you have. One is changing your roof top and ceiling as well to ventilate well the air flow. You don’t have any other choice if that would be your plan and the result you would need a roof repair Columbia sc and pay them with a labor fee. It will be a big saving for you as you would feel better and cooler inside at home. There are many solutions that you can do aside from changing and renovations. You can buy a special coating that will protect your roof from absorbing too much hotness and be able to give cooler feeling inside of the house.

  1. Elastomeric polymer type of paint: This kind of product can help you with your problem. It has the ability to blend well with the any material and solution which was already applied there. You just need to paint the roof with two coating of this paint. You can may choose to put the bright white so that it can help to make your roof be better at lessening the absorbed sunlight from the roof. There will be an approximately 55 to 80 percentage when it comes to helping with the protection from the heat absorbent ceiling.
  2. Sheath type of PVC: Most of the mechanic would suggest this kind of roof protector as it is very effective when it comes to absorbing heat. It is being used as well in the chimney.
  3. Film type of Asbestos: You can cover as well the roof and ceiling with an asbestos film. It can protect your house from being too hot. Make sure that you will hire a professional person who can install it well. Remember that there is possibility that it can be blown away by the wind when it is not properly installed.
  4. Solar panel for roofing: It is another way to make your flat roof better. It can get energy and heat from the rays of the sun. As long it is properly placed, it will be a good source of preventing too hot temperature from coming in especially during the summer season.
  5. Foam insulator: Replacing your ceiling with a foam insulator could be a nice idea. For some Asian places, they would more likely to install this one to their rooms and stores as it reduces the hot temperature inside.
  6. Windcatchers: This is commonly used for giving your roof a cooler breeze of air. It will direct the air that is already cool to push downward. This is very popular to factories and even big companies and restaurants.
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