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Smog Check and Its Importance

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Smog can be caused by vehicular and industrial activities as they emit sulfur oxide and other particulates that when mixed and exposed to damp, heat, and air. When it comes to cars, most people are unaware that if they leave their cars unchecked, this will cause the vehicles to be unhealthy and produce different air pollutants, although the reality is that each car that you see in the neighborhood and in your garage produces and emits various air pollutants on a regular basis. It is important to have a smog SF check to make sure that your vehicle is a healthy state and that you are not contributing much to the air pollution that we are experiencing now.

Why is a smog check important?

If the car is in healthy condition, it emits less smog and air pollutants in the environment, and one of the ways to identify if your car is healthy is to have a smog check. What are the other benefits of smog check?

  • It determines if our vehicle’s fuel is burning efficiently and in good condition
  • It measures the number of emissions made by the car which is a determinant of its health status
  • Most states require smock check before you can register your car
  • It provides an avenue to prevent potential threats to the environment and people.

The process of smog checking depends on the condition of the vehicle. The owner may need to go through three different options of choosing an authorized station that need to be in the recommended list of Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). The first option provides you only smog checking and does not include any diagnostic checks and repairs. The second option is the stations that provide a smog and diagnostic check as well as repairs. The third one is an authorized emission-related check that only applies to the vehicle’s emission.

What happens during a smog check?

The vehicle needs to be analyzed both in its idle and revved statuses. After, the technician will insert a device to the tailpipe to determine the emissions produced by the car and compare the results to the standards.

When it comes to how frequent your smog test is, this depends on different factors like the model f the car, its health, and where the owner lives. However, it is recommended that you get a vehicle smog check on a regular basis. If you fail at keeping a regular check, your vehicle might turn unhealthy and this might cause you inconvenience and troubles on the road.

There is a rule of thumb, if your vehicle is not over 5 years old from the day it was newly purchased, then you might still skip smog test. However, if your vehicle is six years and above and/or it is not as functional as before, you need to have it check on a regular basis.

Finally thought

It is better to be cognizant of how would you take care of and maintain your car and at the same time take care of the environment. Smog can cause potential health risks and it can also affect your car’s performance. So, have it checked.

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