Garage Set up Ideas  

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What are some brilliant ways you can set up your garage? 

The garage space of your home is a space that has a lot of potential. If you are thinking of setting up your garage into something else other than the common parking garage, you can do so without any problems. However, I would say it is especially, helpful if before any set up in the garage is made. You make sure that everything in it is in good working order. 


That means if you have any components in your garage that needs fixing then you should do so immediately. Parker garage door repair is something that should be done by a professional. For reasons like, a) safety, b) time efficiency and c) cost efficient. When all of that is taken care of, then you can do some garage set up ideas so you can maximize the use of your garage.  

Mount on Walls  

Storage is something that all of us, struggles at times, it is something that you cannot exactly just say no to but it is something that you can sometimes ran out of. However, if you don’t mind a little DIY you can definitely play up your garage space for more storage.  

Wire racks  

There are wire racks that can be mounted on the wall, so, you may want to use that because walls are perfect places to use as storage. Just make sure that you plan the layout of each racks so that you can maximize the storage on it.  

Nails/ Peg Board  

You can use nails or screws in your wall for storage but if you are not so, sold out on nails on the walls. You can use a peg board instead which is also pretty useful and absolutely adjustable depending on the length of your material.  

Overhead Storage  

You can definitely do, some overhead storage on your garage ceiling. If you have a high ceiling this would work pretty well. There are some things you can use to make sure that you do, get the job done well. It is also something that you should do for other things like make sure it is pretty sturdy and made of high-quality materials.  

There are pretty friendly kits you can use for overhead storage. You just gotta find the right one for you. You can totally DIY this just make sure that you are careful, and good enough is something you don’t want.  

Stacked Bins  

Storage bins is a pretty common staple in the homes. It does save the whole space because it opens the space up through stacking the bins. However, when you need something, from one of the bottom bins you will need to unstacked it so that you can get to it.  

A great hack for this conundrum is to put it on a shelf that allows you to stack them up but still have support that when you do need something you only pull it out of the space that you put it in rather than go to the trouble of unstacking and stacking your storage bins.   



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